Little Everglades Ranch

The Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City, Florida is a 2050 acre working ranch specializing in breeding topnotch Hanoverian performance horses, Thoroughbred race horses, exotic Belted Galloway Cattle and a commercial cow/calf operation. Tifton 44 hay is grown and baled for horse and cattle feed. Agricultural peat is also mined for potting soil and use in plant nurseries. The majority of the Little Everglades Ranch was placed into a conservation easement with The Southwest Florida Water Management District in 2000. The ranch is known as one of Florida's premier sites for hosting athletic events for the public such as:
• Savage Race
• Florida State Cyclocross Championship
• The Great Bull Run
• Rugged Maniac
• Little Everglades International Combined Driving Event
• Spring Fling HDT and several smaller driving events.
The ranch roads are suited to the horse and carriage drivers