Fishing on Florida's Sports Coast

Fishing on Florida’s Sports Coast

Looking for a better fishing spot? Score your next angling adventure on Florida’s Sports Coast. Our year-round warm weather makes our location perfect for catching tarpon, amberjack, red snapper and much, much more. While the fishing is great 365 days a year, there are a few dates that really “hook” anglers casting in our waters.

Inshore Fishing at its Best (October – April)

When most fishermen see a nice mangrove shoreline, they think “snook and reds!” But that’s only part of the story. On Florida’s Sports Coast, you’ll catch tarpon, spotted seatrout, mangrove snapper, jack crevalle, ladyfish and of course—snook and reds. While our warm weather makes inshore fishing great year-round, we highly recommend casting on our mangrove shorelines from October – April.

Quick tip:

  • Variations in depth, changes in bottom vegetation and irregular shorelines are the best spots to catch fish


Tarpon Fever (April – September)

When you’ve hooked a 200-pound tarpon and it leaps 6 feet in the air, it’s impossible to not feel a rush of excitement. Many anglers describe this sensation as “tarpon fever,” and from April through September, the Silver King (tarpon) lures scores of fishermen to Florida’s Sports Coast. Our temperate coastal waters and warm climate create the perfect conditions for catching tarpons ranging from 30 to 200 pounds.

  • Where to look: Port Richey, Hudson and New Port Richey coastal waters boast some of the best places to hook your own Silver King.


Scallop Season (July 19 – 28)

Love scallops? Try catching your own on Florida’s Sports Coast. Our coastal waters have an abundance of these tasty saltwater clams, and for two weeks in July, you can catch up to 2 gallons of them with a permit.

Quick tips:

  • Scallops may be spotted on or near the bottom of seagrass beds, usually lying on their ventral shells.
  • Often, they are easiest to find in borderline areas where the sand/mud bottom meets the edge of the grasses.
  • Scallops have many neon-blue eyes and may try to swim away when they see you, but they do not swim fast or far.


Trout Season (November – January)

When the weather starts to cool, trout fishing becomes red hot on Florida’s Sports Coast. Fishermen and Fisherwomen flock to our shores to hook speckled trout in depths of one-to-three feet of water. We highly recommend fishing for trout from November through January. On a good day, you can catch up to 100 speckled trout using just lures!

A few final tips:

  • Fish areas where there are nice stands of turtle grass.
  • Cast in areas with mangrove shorelines, deep holes & channels, or above oyster bars.
  • Use long casts and fairly light tackle. We recommend using silver and gold jerk baits.