Escape from Boring Beer & Experience Florida’s Sports Coast

The new pilsner that pairs well with any adventure.

There’s a bold new flavor on Florida’s Sports Coast! Get ready for an escape from boring and mundane beer with the latest brew from Escape Brewing Co.  Escape has always had a passion for creating unusual and exciting craft creations and has done it again with this one-of-a-kind pilsner.

A light and refreshing option, Sports Coast Pilsner is the perfect beer to enjoy after your next Florida’s Sports Coast adventure. From sporting events to fishing, hiking and biking, camping and beyond, this easy-drinking beer pairs well with Florida’s year-round warm weather, making it an unbeatable option for any trip outdoors.

What to expect?

The light, subtle notes of citrus create a remarkable, crisp finish; while the light body offers a refreshing taste that’s surprisingly invigorating. It’s this thirst-quenching quality that makes this beer so well suited for enjoying after outdoor activities.

Recommendation: When serving Sports Coast Pilsner with food, we suggest pairing it with a light meal like grilled meats or seafood.

About Escape Brewing Co.

Born our of passion for great beer, John McGregor and Matt Thompson started brewing in their garage.  The home brewers opened the doors to Escape Brewing Co. in 2014 and have spent the past six years creating unique and tasty craft beer selection including their famous The Other West Coast IPA (Gold Medal 2016 Best Beer of Florida), Goofy Footed Wheat Ale, 880 Red Ale and of course — Sports Coast Pilsner.

Before you head off for your next exciting Florida’s Sports Coast adventure, you should consider picking up a growler of Sports Coast Pilsner or a four-pack of 16 ounce cans. It’s an unbeatable way to celebrate any award-worthy vacation, sporting event or business trip.

Please enjoy responsibly.